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24                  HISTORY OK PKRSIA           nm..xi,v
derided the impotence of the idols. The penalties of
hell and the pleasures of Paradise are /jraplnYally described,
and throughout, as Nicholson says, u his genius proclaims
itself by grand lyrical outbursts." As an example I quote
one of the early ,r//;v/,r, which runs ;
When the Sky shall he sovoml,
And when the Stars shall be shivmnl,
And when the Seas to mingle shull he sutK'r''ii,
And when the graves shall he uncovered
A soul shall kno\v that which if Iiadi deferral «>?' ds'livrrrd,1
O Man, what beguiled ihee thy ^fanVu. M.i-U't1 i»» rvK*l»
Who created thcc and f«shiotu*il flice ri^ht .iihl thy tiainc <!td fairly
He composed thee in whatever form he willed*
Nay, but you disbelieve in the Ordeal ! *'
Verily over you are Recorders honourable^
Your deeds inscribing without Tail,
To conclude,  the revelations at   Medina deal with
what may be termed the business side* nf religion ; laws,
ordinances, and manifestos all finding place side bv side
with occasional but rare outbursts of flaming' fjeniuH,
?Yet behind it all were the call to monotheism and the
'denunciation of idolatry, on which the Koran can claim,
and justly claim, to stand*
1 /,«*, what It liati dour or Srt'l tmiUmr,